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What a Week to Be Irish!!

From Editor on Sunday 22nd May 2011

With all the ‘doom and gloom’, a so called ‘credit crunch’, NAMA and ‘defaulting on debts’, Ireland as a nation can finally hold its head high again on the international front after a phenomenal week for the country.

The arrival of Queen Elizabeth, the first British Monarch to grace our shores since independence, standing as an equal with our President and speaking words in our national tongue, while across town two heavyweights were taking part in Europe’s second biggest match of the year, the Uefa Cup Final.

And all of this on the back of Jedward holding the countries hopes on a high at the Eurovision, while the Gardai attempt to prepare for another monumental world figure to arrive in the form of US president Barack Obama.

Oh, and did we mention Leinster being crowned the kings of Europe again for the second time in three years!?

Is it just me, but when did we become so cool again!?

Apparently Ireland is now the place to be for the super powerful, athletic and talented out there.

The way the last week has gone, if Elvis was to show up at Dublin Airport tomorrow seeking to get in, I dare say anyone would be surprised.

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