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From Will on Sunday 22nd May 2011

In May of 2006, armed only with a glittering virtual career on Football Manager 2005 and limited success in charge of a local under-11s team, then-25-year-old John Boileau made the leap and applied – with tongue firmly in cheek – to become the new manager of Middlesbrough Football Club.

His CV included the following claims to fame:

”Signing Thierry Henry, Raul and Fernando Torres as my three strikers at Doncaster”;

”Taking Rushden and Diamonds to the Champions League Final – Unfortunately we lost to Ajax in extra time”;

”The Rushden and Diamonds team that day included Zinidene Zidane and Ronaldinho, two players the supporters of the small club could ever had expected to see running out for them”;

”Took Nuneaghton Borough from the Conference to the Championship during my 11 years reign at the club. These were very proud days for sunny nunny and I was given the key to the town.”

His cover note included the following even more audatious claims:

”I have both technical and practical experience of managing a football club. The tactical side of the game has always been most important to me, which is demonstrated through my success in the game Championship manager 2005. I have managed clubs including Nuneaghton Borough, Chievo, Verona, Doncaster and even Chelsea.

”Although my experience at Cheivo was not a particularly positive one and led to my sacking (you may have read the headlines), I feel that I have brought success to all of the other clubs I have managed.

”As you can see from my attached CV, I’ve taken the opportunity to gain extra qualifications away from football including gaining a degree in geography and archeology which I am sure will provide many transferrable skills which will assist me in the running of a football club – I hear Mark Viduka has a significant interest in 12th Century Egyptian pottery which would be an excellent bonding point for the two of us if I were to be successful.”

What really make this story utterly unique, and really telling of the kind nature and character of the legendary Middlesbrough chairman, Steve Gibson, is that only a few weeks later, John actually recieved a reply:-

Dear John,

Thank you for your recent application for the Managerial position at Middlesbrough Football Club.

You were of course the outstanding candidate but after careful consideration we decided against your appointment. Quite frankly we are of the opinion that your tenure with us would have been short lived, as your undoubted talent woudl result in the big European Clubs seeking your services.

We consider it a sign of our progress that someone of your status would consider us.

Steve Gibson
Middlesbrough Chairman


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