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Spain to lower speed limit to save on petrol

From Steve on Monday 2nd May 2011

In an attempt to save on energy costs, and seen by many as a reaction to the unrest in oil rich Libya, Spain are to introduce a 10km per hour limit decrease on its motorways.

Further to this, train travellers are expected to see a reduction in their ticket prices, and there is to be a push in the use of more biofuels.

It is well known that the crisis in oil rich Libya has sharply reduced exports, and with 13% of Spains oil imports coming from the north African nation, the measures taken are required to keep petrol prices from sky rocketing.

Deputy prime minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, said Spain’s energy supply is not in danger, but the national energy bill will rise significantly because of the sharply higher petroleum prices.

The maximum speed limit on Spanish motorways is 120kph (75mph) and this will be reduced to 110kph (68mph). The government will rush to print new signs to alert people of the change.

“We are going to go a bit slower and in exchange for that we are going to consume less gasoline and therefore pay less money,” Pérez Rubalcaba said.

For instance, he said, a car running on petrol will use 15% less fuel at the new, lower speed limit.

The government also will order a 5% reduction in fares on commuter and middle-distance trains by the state railway system Renfe.