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All Reasons to be Cheerful

19 degrees in Dublin, ba da da da da, I’m lovin it! 7 years ago from Johnny

Another long weekend with this weather, who needs Spain anyway 7 years ago from Bob

Proposed to my girlfriend in London just after Kate and Will kissed, once in a lifetime moment!!! 7 years ago from Michael in London

Not only is it 14 degrees and absolutely gorgeous today; it’s to be 16 degrees and absolutely gorgeous tomorrow! 7 years ago from Claire

Another long weekend and the sun is still shining!:) 7 years ago

London, 24 degrees and Airbound!!! 7 years ago from Will

Off work with this weather, love when holidays and good weather coincide. It’s good to be in Ireland 7 years ago

Surprised by my husband with breakfast in bed this morning on our anniversary! Love you Dave. Just had to share it!!! 7 years ago from Viv

19 degrees and blue skies today! Happy days!! 7 years ago from Peter from Skerries

Monday over, only 3 more days till the long wknd!! 7 years ago from Kate

Finishing work early and heading to a beer garden – on a Monday but hey, when the suns out you gotta make the most of it!! 7 years ago from Joanna

This site is amazing! Getting me over the FEAR nicely. Good work! 7 years ago from Sarah

Come on Liverpool!! Get in!! 7 years ago from Brian

Scorcher of a day out! Lovin the sunshine!! 7 years ago from Alyssa

Sunday morning and not hungover! 7 years ago from James

I just booked a flight to Buenos Aires! 7 years ago from Eoghan