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From Debbie on Wednesday 4th May 2011

At last, a camera to suit the needs of a group often-marginalised in our society: the pathologically vain.

Panasonic have released the Lumix DMC-FP7 which boasts built-in airbrushing software. It can digitally add makeup and smooths skin.

It boasts a number of modes to achieve particular effects on your face. “Esthetic mode” for example, will clean up skin and whiten teeth.

“Make-up mode” offers the user a choice of foundation tones; blush and lip-stick can also be applied. According to The Daily Telegraph: “Choices range from the more restrained light brown eye shadow to things like shocking pink. The majority of them appear to result in people adopting a somewhat terrifying pale ghost-like appearance … the more intense levels resulting in some more frightening than forgiving results.”

Watch out MAC, the camera that can apply make-up and remove wrinkles has arrived!