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New York Taxi Driver Gets Fare of a Lifetime

From Mike in New York on Saturday 7th May 2011

When Mohammen Alam picked up John Belitsky and Dan Wuebben last Saturday in New York, he could never have believed where he would end up.

Armed with $5,000 and a lot of free time, Belitsky and Wuebben hailed the surprised cab driver last Saturday evening and arrived in L.A. six days later after a short detour to Las Vegas where the pair won an additional $2,000 at the tables.

Before departing, Mr Alam was permitted to stop home, grab clean underwear, and let his wife know that he was going to be gone for a few days.

According to NYU Local, the trip is estimated to have cost $17,000 on the meter, but Alam agreed to drive the 2, 448 miles for $5,000.

The spontaneous road trip was inspired by Belitsky’s father, a former cab driver, who once said that no New York cab driver would travel all the way to Los Angeles. Naturally, Belitsky needed to prove him wrong.

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