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Canadian Teen wins award for Cystic Fibrosis discovery

16 year old High School student, Marchall Zhang, is the award winning researcher behind a promising discovery that could assist Cystic Fibrosis sufferers. 7 years ago from Jerry

Google Wallet Image

You Heard It Right, Google Wallet Has Arrived!

In yet another manoeuvre in their on-going struggle for world domination, Google have now taken over your wallet! 7 years ago from Editor

glowgirl2 [Resize]

A Glowing Tribute to Young Irish Entrepreneurs

Glow in the dark armbands, designed by transition year students from Co Wicklow, keep it safe and stylish for school kids! 7 years ago from Colm Griffin

Global Rich List

The Good News Times Sunday Rich-List

Where do you come among the six billion people on the planet?? 7 years ago from Editor@GoodNewsTimes

Kiva Image

Kiva: Empowering People around the World

Non-profit organization on a mission to alleviate poverty worldwide! 7 years ago from Ken from Waterford

Speed Camera Lottery Pic

The Fun Theory Has Landed

Speed Camera Lottery? Bottle Bank Arcade? Piano Staircase? Huh?! 7 years ago from Fergal

Lumix Camera


At last, a camera to suit the needs of a group often-marginalised in our society: the pathologically vain. Panasonic have released the Lumix DMC-FP7 which boasts built-in airbrushing software. It can digitally add makeup and smooths skin. 7 years ago from Debbie

Speed Limit Image

Spain to lower speed limit to save on petrol

Spain to lower motorway speed limits, cut train prices and use more biofuel 7 years ago from Steve