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How to submit a story to the GoodNewsTimes!

Wednesday 11th May 2011

To submit a story or article, please follow the following steps:-

1. Click on the Share button at the top of any page.

2. Type your headline, story, reason to be cheerful and/or good idea.

3. Upload a photo which you would like to accompany your story. (This requirement is optional)

4. Type your name and email address and, if you like, where you come from.

Unless each of the above are completed we will not be able to publish your story.

5. Then press the submit button.

6. Once you have pressed the submit button you will receive an email confirming that we have received your story.

7. We will then review your story and consider it for publishing. Due to high numbers of traffic this may not happen immediately. If your story does not appear, do not resend, we will get to it shortly.

8. Please ensure that when you are submitting a story that you are not plagiarising or copying from a third party. We are unable to publish articles which you do not own the sole right to or have permission to publish.

9. Finally, thank you for submitting you story to Your stories make our day every day and we hope you continue to use our service.

Kindest regards,

GoodNewsTimes Team