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Good Samaritan Saves Girl After Golden Gate Jump

From Niall from San Fran on Sunday 8th May 2011

A yet unidentified good Samaritan saved the day yesterday when s/he kept a 16 year old girl afloat after she plunged from the Golden Gate Bridge into the freezing Pacific Ocean.

It is unknown where this person came from, but as a result of his/her bravery, the 16 year old, whose name has not been released, survived the fall, and was rescued by the US Coast Guard 20 minutes after hitting the water.

It later emerged that the 16 year old had jumped off the 220ft structure.

It is the second similar incident to have occurred in as many months.

In March, a 17 year old boy jumped off the bridge while on a school trip, allegedly as a prank. He was also saved, this time by a surfer from a nearby beach.

There are no reports that this was the work of the same do-gooder, but whoever this good Samaritan is, our hat comes of to them.

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