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Like Button

Baby in Israel Named After Facebook ‘Like’ Button

An Israeli couple have named their newborn daughter “Like”, after the Like button found on the popular social network Facebook. 7 years ago from Simon

Cigarette Image

40 a day 2 year old quits smoking

A 2-year-old Indonesian boy who attracted international attention for smoking 40 cigarettes a day has quit the habit after a month of therapy 7 years ago from Phil

Talk to God

Pope speaks to Endeavour Astronauts in Space

Pope Benedict XVI had a direct line outside earth yesterday with a little help from the NASA space agency. 7 years ago from Buzz Aldrin


New hope for survival for elusive saola

The alusive saola, a recently discovered and critically endangered relative of antelopes and cattle now has new hope for survival in Indochina. 7 years ago from Ben

Google self drive car

Self Drive Cars – Google take another step in World Domination

Good News as Google looks set to test new cars in Sin City, Nevada 7 years ago from Robert, Sandymount

Treasure Pic

Austrian Man Stumbles Upon Treasure In Back Garden

Man turning dirt in back yard has stumbled onto a hoard of buried treasure, described by authorities as a fairy-tale find. 7 years ago from Will

Google Wallet Image

You Heard It Right, Google Wallet Has Arrived!

In yet another manoeuvre in their on-going struggle for world domination, Google have now taken over your wallet! 7 years ago from Editor

electric taxi

Ireland’s First Electric Taxis Take To The Road

One of Europe’s first electric taxi services has been launched in Dublin today, offering people a taste of how environmentally friendly electric transport can enhance city living. 7 years ago from Gerry