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Drunken Sailor

Drunk on the Job

Instead of being reprimanded, an Australian marine found legless at US naval base has been promoted 7 years ago from Steve from Melbourne


Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever!

From an ‘un-universal studios’ production comes the greatest marriage proposal ever! 7 years ago from Jen

Google self drive car

Self Drive Cars – Google take another step in World Domination

Good News as Google looks set to test new cars in Sin City, Nevada 7 years ago from Robert, Sandymount

Prince William

Prince Will Back On The Job

Prince William saves Judge on Mount Snowden just days after Royal Wedding 7 years ago from Johnny from Cork

college green

College Green returned to the People

Minister for Arts Jimmy Deenihan, (and maybe the fittest man in the Dail!),makes the right call in seeking to take control of the famous city centre landmark… 7 years ago from Derek


Good Samaritan Saves Girl After Golden Gate Jump

A yet unidentified good Samaritan saved the day yesterday when s/he kept a 16 year old girl afloat after she plunged from the Golden Gate Bridge 7 years ago from Niall from San Fran

New York Cab

New York Taxi Driver Gets Fare of a Lifetime

New York Cab Driver Drives Pair Coast to Coast for $5,000. 7 years ago from Mike in New York

Ryo Ishikawa Pic

Ishikawa to give all winnings to relief fund

Ryo Ishikawa, the biggest name in Japanese golf, has said he is giving all his winnings this season to the earthquake relief fund in his home country. 7 years ago from Robert Bourke