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Urangutan Pic

Orang-utan Saves Baby Chick From Drowning

Visitors to Dublin Zoo got a treat this week as they experienced a rare piece of inter species kindness!! 7 years ago from Martina

United Airlines Pic

US passanger plane lands with a little help from the control tower

United Airlines pilots land plane ‘blind’ after instruments fail and cockpit fills with smoke 7 years ago

Cow Jumping

Horses beware – new competition comes in an unexpected form

Regina Mayer, whose parents refused to buy her a horse, started showjumping with the next best thing – a cow! 7 years ago from Dora

Grand Canyon

Man survives after driving car into Grand Canyon

A 21yr old is recovering after driving his car off the edge of the 200ft Grand Canyon in Arizona. 7 years ago from Jack

Stop Executions Pic

Illinois Becomes 16th US State to Abolish Death Penalty

Amnesty International has welcomed the decision by Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois to sign into law a bill abolishing the death penalty. He also commuted the death sentences of the 15 men on death row in the state. 7 years ago from Jay

Liger Pic

Basic (maternal!) Instinct

It’s a common belief that there is no love like a mother’s love, but this week one dog proves how far that love and maternal instinct can go- it can even transcend barriers of species! 7 years ago from Deirdre

New York Cab

New York Taxi Driver Gets Fare of a Lifetime

New York Cab Driver Drives Pair Coast to Coast for $5,000. 7 years ago from Mike in New York

The Apocolypse is Still On

Good News: The Apocalypse Is Still On

Harold Camping, the man who said the world would end last Saturday, now has a new date for your diaries; October 21st! 7 years ago from Frank