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Liger Pic

Basic (maternal!) Instinct

It’s a common belief that there is no love like a mother’s love, but this week one dog proves how far that love and maternal instinct can go- it can even transcend barriers of species! 7 years ago from Deirdre

Chocolate Bar Image

Eating Chocolate Makes You Look Younger!

Believe it or not eating chocolate could be good for your skin and even make you look younger. 7 years ago from Sarah

Cigarette Image

40 a day 2 year old quits smoking

A 2-year-old Indonesian boy who attracted international attention for smoking 40 cigarettes a day has quit the habit after a month of therapy 7 years ago from Phil

The Apocolypse is Still On

Good News: The Apocalypse Is Still On

Harold Camping, the man who said the world would end last Saturday, now has a new date for your diaries; October 21st! 7 years ago from Frank

Amnesty Image

New Death Penalty Figures Show Vast Improvement Worldwide

In 1977, only 16 countries had abolished the death penalty. As of December 2010 that figure stands at 96. Amnesty International has been monitoring developments around the use of the death penalty and campaigning for its abolition for more than three decades. 7 years ago from Richard

Talk to God

Pope speaks to Endeavour Astronauts in Space

Pope Benedict XVI had a direct line outside earth yesterday with a little help from the NASA space agency. 7 years ago from Buzz Aldrin

Football Manager Pic

Things to do before you’re 30!

The story of John Boileau, the man who applied for a managerial job with then Premier League outfit Middlesbrough on the back of a successful season on Championship Manager, and even stranger, Steve Gibson’s response!! 7 years ago from Will

Like Button

Baby in Israel Named After Facebook ‘Like’ Button

An Israeli couple have named their newborn daughter “Like”, after the Like button found on the popular social network Facebook. 7 years ago from Simon