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Prince William

Prince Will Back On The Job

Prince William saves Judge on Mount Snowden just days after Royal Wedding 7 years ago from Johnny from Cork

Amnesty Image

New Death Penalty Figures Show Vast Improvement Worldwide

In 1977, only 16 countries had abolished the death penalty. As of December 2010 that figure stands at 96. Amnesty International has been monitoring developments around the use of the death penalty and campaigning for its abolition for more than three decades. 7 years ago from Richard


Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever!

From an ‘un-universal studios’ production comes the greatest marriage proposal ever! 7 years ago from Jen

Power Plant Pic

Germany To Become Nuclear Free Within 11 Years

Germany has announced it is to de-activate its nuclear power stations by 2022 7 years ago from Clayton


Good Samaritan Saves Girl After Golden Gate Jump

A yet unidentified good Samaritan saved the day yesterday when s/he kept a 16 year old girl afloat after she plunged from the Golden Gate Bridge 7 years ago from Niall from San Fran

Indian Tiger Pic

India wild tiger census shows population rise

According to the latest tiger census, the number of tigers in India’s wild has gone up by 20% 7 years ago from Carl Davies

Japan Earthquake Pic

Two survivors of Japan quake rescued after 9 days

An 80-year-old woman and her teenage grandson were rescued on Sunday in northeastern Japan after surviving nine days in the rubble of their home. 7 years ago from Iseult

Money Pic

Charity shop gets unexpected donation

A woman who donated boots to a charity shop mistakenly left €5,000 in a sock tucked inside. 7 years ago from Gillian