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Editorial Policy

Saturday 23rd April 2011

The Aim of The is the promotion of good news, whether from individual writers or from further afield.

We do not discriminate against any stories published but in certain circumstances we will not be in a position to publish a story.

In order to be eligible for publication there are a number of things you should keep in mind.

What we encourage:-

1.   First and foremost, please ensure that your story or article is good news. Keep in mind, what is good news to you is not necessarily good news for everyone. So, for example, if you have had a good day hunting live animals, please keep in mind that this may not be something the rest of the world might like reading about, regardless of how much you enjoyed it!

2.   We try to be as impartial as possible, and so, as not to discriminate, hurt, or cause offence, we do not accept any stories concerning religious or political issues.

3.   Every now and again, the Editor will submit a story. If you are not sure about what we are looking for, please see these to get an idea of the types of stories we accept.

4.   Be nice. If you see or experience something good, whether done to you or someone else, and you think others’ lives would be enriched by hearing about it, please submit a story to us. We will be delighted to publish any such story.

5.   Don’t be shy. Regardless of your style, writing or spelling ability, we will make every effort to publish your story.