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Canadian Teen wins award for Cystic Fibrosis discovery

From Jerry on Monday 6th June 2011

16 year old High School student, Marchall Zhang, is the award winning researcher behind a promising discovery that could assist Cystic Fibrosis sufferers. Mr Zhang took first place in the National Science Contest and bagged $5,000 in winning the title.

Based north of Toronto, Zhang made multiple application to carry out the research, but because of his age he was originally not considered.

However, the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto allowed him supervised access to their labs, and learning from scratch, he went to work on the supercomputer creating the new drug cocktail used in the competition.

“Originally, I thought it would be a ‘one plus one equals two’ kind of thing, but when we got our results back from the lab, it actually turned out that one plus one equals three. The two compounds were working together synergistically to correct that disease-causing defect…

“But beyond that, I’ve also laid a foundation for future structure-based drug design, in identifying certain chemical structures that have a key role in correcting that defect.”

It could be years away from prescription use for sufferers, but Mr Zhang’s efforts show that given the opportunity, even students on work experience can create such outstanding results, even doctors may get a shock…

See the video here

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