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Google Wallet Image

You Heard It Right, Google Wallet Has Arrived!

In yet another manoeuvre in their on-going struggle for world domination, Google have now taken over your wallet! 7 years ago from Editor
electric taxi

Ireland’s First Electric Taxis Take To The Road

One of Europe’s first electric taxi services has been launched in Dublin today, offering people a taste of how environmentally friendly electric transport can enhance city living. 7 years ago from Gerry
Rolls Royce Pic

15 Year Old Gets More Than He Bargained For

Simple act of kindness leaves 15 year old with a Rolls Royce as top prize in local raffle 7 years ago from Simon in Kent
Liger Pic

Basic (maternal!) Instinct

It’s a common belief that there is no love like a mother’s love, but this week one dog proves how far that love and maternal instinct can go- it can even transcend barriers of species! 7 years ago from Deirdre
Power Plant Pic

Germany To Become Nuclear Free Within 11 Years

Germany has announced it is to de-activate its nuclear power stations by 2022 7 years ago from Clayton
Perhentain Islands

Thinking of getting into shape for your holidays!?

According to a new report, simply going on holiday can be as good as a gym workout! 7 years ago from Ciara
Treasure Pic

Austrian Man Stumbles Upon Treasure In Back Garden

Man turning dirt in back yard has stumbled onto a hoard of buried treasure, described by authorities as a fairy-tale find. 7 years ago from Will
Pivot Dublin

Dublin shortlisted for World Design Capital 2014

Dublin is one of just three cities worldwide to be shortlisted to become World Design Capital 2014. 7 years ago from Editor
Urangutan Pic

Orang-utan Saves Baby Chick From Drowning

Visitors to Dublin Zoo got a treat this week as they experienced a rare piece of inter species kindness!! 7 years ago from Martina

Reasons to be Cheerful

Aerlingus strike averted! 7 years ago from Dave

It’s Bloomsday! Time to celebrate one of Ireland’s greatest writers! 7 years ago from Leopold Bloom

It’s Friiiiiiiiday! :) 7 years ago from Dee

My art exam is over XD 7 years ago from Jenn

Heat Wave Baby!!!!!!!! 7 years ago from Derek in Dublin

No hangover on a Sunday, it’s been a while… 7 years ago from Terry

National Fish And Chips Day!!! There was even a band playing outside the chipper in Churchtown – Great Stuff!!! 7 years ago from Barry

For being loved by the most amazing man in the world… 7 years ago from Cornelia Koller

My boyfriend is back today!:) 7 years ago from Mona

Your favourite source of Good News has made it international – Now recognised by as an official Irish newspaper!! 7 years ago from Editor

Leinster, Leinster, Leinster!!! 7 years ago from Brian

Is feidir linn!! 7 years ago from Barry O'Bama

Glasto on the bbc – classic!!! 7 years ago from Jean

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